Kildea - Irish Anzacs Project (2015)
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Kildea - Did the Leinsters Flee at Chunuk Bair? (2015)
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Kildea - The Irish at Gallipoli (2015)
“The Irish at Gallipoli”, History Ireland, July-August 2015
The Irish at Gallipoli
“The Irish at Gallipoli” – a series of six podcasts recorded for UCD’s History Hub (December 2014). To listen go to the History Hub website.
Shirkers and Sinn Feiners
“Shirkers and Sinn Feiners: the Australian Irish and the First World War” (October 2014)
Kildea - Commemoration of the First World War in Australia (2014)
“Commemoration of the First World War in Australia” (August 2014)
Anzac Day Address

Anzac Day Address at Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Dublin on 25 April 2014

Redmond Brothers’ Australian Tour Thumbnail
“The Redmond Brothers’ Australian Tour 1883: A Narrative Account” (May 2013)
Irish Anzacs (2013) Thumbnail
“Irish Anzacs: the contribution of the Australian Irish to the Anzac Tradition” (May 2013)

St Patrick’s Day in Sydney

“Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Sydney: the 19th Century, Dictionary of Sydney” (November 2012)

Remembering Hugh Mahon Thumbnail
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Who Fears to Speak Thumbnail
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Paranoia or Prejudice Thumbnail
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Easter Rising Thumbnail
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Sectarianism Politics Catholics Thumbnail
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Archbishop Kelly Thumbnail
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